Former Fat Person Disorder (FFPD)

Former Fat Person Disorder (FFPD) is a condition seen in people who used to be overweight or obese. It is seen more commonly in women, but can also be seen in men. Risk of FFPD increases the longer a person was overweight and as the amount of weight lost increases. Risk decreases the longer a person stays at a healthy weight.

Signs & Symptoms:

Bipolar body image  People with FFPD will often show high levels of body confidence, but every once in a while their deep insecurities from being fat once upon a time will come out.

Paranoia about getting fat again – Gaining the weight back will often be one of their greatest fears. They may say delusional phrases such as “Yes, half a pound of weight gain is a big deal!”.

Obsession with food – They will often be obsessed with analyzing their food. They will frequently check the entire ingredient list before purchasing something. But this obsession will occasionally show up in getting aggressively excited when they eat junk food. Junk food is the forbidden fruit for many of them and they may struggle to eat it in a responsible manner when they do have it.

Forgetting they lost weight – Sometimes they may forget they are skinny. They may find themselves wandering into the plus size section or starting with trying on a size 12 when they know they are a size 8. This may also be as a result of past embarrassment from having to ask for the next size up.

Not knowing how to handle being hit on – Many people with FFPD were sexually repressed when they were fat. This may result in acting like a deer in the headlights when they are approached by potential romantic suitors. Some may go into overdrive with taking advantage sexual opportunities to make up for lost time.

Only wearing clothes that make them look skinnier – People with FFPD may not wear anything that they think makes them appear even slightly larger than they really are. Flowy tops are usually off-limits for them. They have a compulsive need for people to know they aren’t overweight anymore. This may be because they have not truly internalized their weight loss yet.

If you think you may have FFPD, recognize that you are in shape. Appreciate all the hard work you have put in and know as long as you keep with it you will stay that way.

If you think your friend or family member may have FFPD, just remind them every once in a while that they look good and encourage them to keep living a healthy lifestyle.


*This is not a real condition. I made it up.

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