Finding Your Strength

When a lot of people think of being strong, they think of being able to lift heavy weights, to have great physical power. But strength is a lot more than that. It is about finding the motivation, the drive to take on anything within yourself. It is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable in the face of adversity.  We all have it, we just need to find it and hold on to it.

Strength is about having confidence and faith. It is knowing without a doubt that you can achieve your goals. It is the ability to see barriers in life as challenges that you are destined to overcome, rather than the reason you are being prevented from achieving them.

So how do we realize this strength? How do we hold onto it?

Believe in yourself. Try to envision yourself at your goal. What is it that you want from achieving your goals? How will you feel when you get there? If you can picture yourself at that place, then you know you have it in you. The next step is to flip the switch and rise to the occasion.

Don’t just go through the motions. Take in your experience. Be aware of your thoughts, your actions and responses to the world around you. Be engaged with life.

Have an adaptable plan. Consider your environment and circumstances, but allow yourself to adapt when the situation asks for it.

Never forget where you started but keep your eye on the prize.

Stay Motivated, Maintain Balance and Be Strong.

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