Are you just eating because you’re bored?

The Grinch

The Grinch

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t recreationally eat from time to time? Eating is fun. Food is awesome and very few things in this world can provide that kind of instant pleasure. However, if we aren’t careful things can get out of hand. Telling you not to eat when you are bored would be unreasonable. But here are some ways to get a handle on your boredom.

Do something less boring: If you have the option, go do something else. Learn something new. Workout. Play an instrument. Try to make something you found on Pinterest. Plot to take over the world. Is eating really the best you could come up with?

Take a break: If you find yourself getting bored while studying/ working, take a break. Go take a brief walk or grab a drink of water. Change your scenery for a bit. Phone a friend. Space out and entertain the endless possibilities of Lala Land. You will be more focused and work better when you return. *If you are on your computer, doing something else on your computer doesn’t count.

Drink Tea: Tea has little to no calories, is healthy, has a variety of flavors and will often give you a similar satisfaction to eating when bored. Try having a cup of tea before you go for that bag of chips.

Chew gum: It’s like eating without actually eating.

Snack on Veggies: My favorites for snacking are bell peppers, baby carrots and celery.

Snack on something that requires effort: A great example of this would be pistachios. Pistachios are one of the most tedious things to snack on. It takes 5 minutes just to crack open a single shell.This makes them the perfect food for boredom eating because you can’t just mindlessly shove a handful in your face every 10 seconds.

Eating something that has a lot of volume for not too many calories: A good example would be popcorn. It is whole grain and has 130 calories per cup.



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