30 Day Vegan Adventure: Days 1-15

I have spent the last 15 days eating a vegan diet. So far I have been successful in sticking to the diet, but it has been testing for me. I have had to pay attention to areas of my diet that I don’t have to regularly. In addition, I have had to cut out some of my favorite foods, which hasn’t been easy.


Sodium works with other electrolytes in helping muscles contract and relax, maintaining fluid balance in cells and helping transmit nerve impulses throughout the body.

Humans need at least 500 mg of sodium per day for our body to function. However, you can lose over 1,000 mg of sodium per hour while exercising. I run over 30 miles per week in addition to weight training, so I do my fair share of sweating.

The average American consumes 3,436 mg of salt per day, most through processed foods. Most unprocessed plant foods have little to no sodium in them, so a vegan diet is low in sodium.

To make sure I get enough, I have been adding a little bit of sea salt to my meals.


Getting enough protein is also work on a vegan diet. I aim for about 100 g of protein per day. To get enough, I have been eating a lot of beans, nuts, nut butters and seeds. I also have been eating grains that are high in protein. I haven’t been meeting my goal regularly on this one, but I have been getting at least 60 g each day.


The hardest part for me is being tempted to eat delicious foods that contain animal-based products. The cravings peaked about 1 week in and have decreased since. I really only crave it now when I see it or smell it… other than that is isn’t an issue.

I have found a new appreciation for Oreos, since it is basically the only junk food I can have.



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