Tips for Making Yourself Exercise for When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

Despite exercising regularly and being in good shape, I am still incredibly lazy. You know how a lot of fit people talk about missing exercise when they don’t do it? I’m not one of them. It is very unusual for me to be in the mood to exercise. I usually end up leaving for the gym after thinking about it for around 2 hrs. Once I get going I have no problem, my issue is getting off the damn couch. If taking rest days is not a problem for you, it is important to go to the gym even if you don’t feel like it. So for those of you that don’t understand the concept of “just do it”, here are a few tips.

*Keep in mind it is important to take rest days for your body to repair itself. Your body needs rest to repair muscles after strength training or to heal while sick/injured. These tips are for when you are just being lazy.

1. Listen to energizing music. This will help you get pumped up… so you will actually get off the couch.

2. Turn off your TV and computer… and that bad but addictive game on your iPhone. These devices can suck you in and make everything else in the universe cease to exist.

3. Tell yourself you can do your slacker workout. You may not need to do this once you actually get there, but it may help trick yourself into going. You can also use similar tricks by promising yourself Starbucks or other small rewards. Your brain thinks differently while on the couch than after going to the gym.

4. Eat a small amount of dark chocolate or have a coffee. Both stimulate reward chemicals which will help give you energy to get moving.

5. Sign up and pay for classes that occur on a regular basis. If you have already paid for a class ahead of time, then you will have a sense of obligation to go. The same works with using a trainer. This can also help in developing better technique or trying out different exercises.

6. Go for a walk. If you aren’t going to do a more vigorous workout, at least do some light activity like going for a walk in the park. This will at least get you moving and get your blood flowing.

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