30 Day Vegan Adventure: Days 16-30 and My Thoughts Overall

For the past 30 days I have been playing vegan. The first 15 days were a learning experience and was mostly just about adapting.

The second half was surprisingly more challenging for me… and I did end up cheating at one point (which I thoroughly enjoyed). It started getting difficult just around the 2 week mark. I suspect that I wasn’t meeting my nutritional requirements, both with calories and protein. I lost 6 lbs. over 4 weeks, which for my size is a lot. I suspect that some of it was water weight, although some may have been muscle and fat. My running went from around 30 miles a week to about 22 miles and my strength training stayed about the same. My energy levels were also lower, which likely is related to the drop in calories and protein. Normally I eat around 2,400 calories a day including 100 g of protein. Over the past 30 days I was probably around 1900 cal. and 65 g of protein. While this would be fine for an average female, this isn’t enough considering my activity level.

I think this is a diet that a lot of people could learn from. It gets you to eat more vegetables and the probable imbalances in the diet are the opposite of the imbalances in the standard American diet. I think the rest of the world could learn from the vegan diet. The average American does not get enough fruits & vegetables. Vegan diets generally are more environmentally friendly and have less processed food. In addition, most of our meat (not all) is produced in factory farms which are having toxic effects on the planet.

That said, I’ve always been a bit of a carnivore and am excited about eating the bacon cheeseburger that has been in the back of my mind for the last 30 days 🙂

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