How to Be an Annoying Health Junkie

Many health junkies (including myself) like to share our enthusiasm for being healthy with others.  The healthier and fitter you get, the more likely your healthy lifestyle will make others feel bad. Talking about healthy foods/ exercise doesn’t annoy people nearly as much when you are overweight.

The awkward thing with health is that most of these have to do with how others may perceive you rather than actually being self-righteous and judgmental. While it would be really great if people only got annoyed or offended when you were actually being mean/judgmental…. that isn’t the case. Part of it is just a matter of knowing your audience and finding how to talk about your interests without making other people feel bad. That said, don’t be a self-righteous health snob.

Generally speaking, talking about healthy foods and exercise isn’t a problem. It is if you get to the more analytical side of things or anything that involves or could be perceived as involving judgement (even if directed at yourself) that some people get annoyed.

At the same time, you shouldn’t feel responsible when other people project their insecurities onto you. You shouldn’t feel guilty for sharing your passions and interests when you are doing so in a non-judgemental attitude. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to make healthy decisions in your life and wanting to improve yourself.

Or you can just not give a shit.

1. Analyze your food at the table: 

Is butter a carb?

For many health conscious individuals, analyzing our food is second nature. Keep your analysis to yourself and your food log. Unless someone specifically asks for your nutritional analysis, do not share it. Even if people are talking about flavor and other aspects of the food.

2. Provide justifications whenever you eat junk food.


Chances are you are doing this because you feel insecure about making unhealthy choices and rationalizing it helps you deal with this. But others may interpret this as being judgmental towards them.

3. Only make weird healthy food when having others over for dinner.


They may feel like they are being forced into nutritional boot camp. It’s okay to make some weird healthy stuff, but make sure there are some options within the comfort zone of your guests.

4. Be open about having fat days.



Some people don’t like it when people who are fitter than them have fat days.

5. Be really picky and uptight while eating out.



Unless you have an allergy or are on a diet that completely restricts certain foods (e.g. vegan), relax a little. You will regain complete control when you return to your own refrigerator.

6. Talk about how bad you’re being whenever you unleash your inner fat kid.


Even though you are saying things in relation to what is normal to you, this may come across the wrong way when you are eating less than or equal to everyone else in the room.

7. Mention wanting to lose weight when relatively thin.


This is okay around some people, but a lot of people will find it really annoying.

8. Try to convert the non-believers.


There is an important difference between sharing your passion for health and pushing others to make healthy choices in a “my way is the right way” manner.

9. Make people feel guilty about what they are about to eat/ are currently eating.



Just don’t.

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