Healthy People Don’t Eat Cake For Breakfast

Modern society has a bit of a sugar problem. By a bit I mean we are a bunch of out-of-control addicts. Sugar consumption has increased exponentially as we have become more industrialized. One of the most alarming common dietary practices in our society is eating cake for breakfast. This  leads to rapid blood sugar spikes followed by a crash not too long after.

Sometimes we shamelessly eat dessert for breakfast (e.g. donuts), although we have other ways of cleverly disguising it as something that looks a little more nutritionally reasonable.

muffins Glazed-Donut


waffles1 Maple Syrup on Pancakes


20101021-croissants-15 800px-Pop-Tarts_Frosted_Strawberry
Eating a healthy breakfast is especially important because it sets your course for the day. But unfortunately many people are in a rush in the morning and grab a quick meal on the fly (if they can). This often results in breakfasts high in sugar and refined carbohydrates. This will make you more inclined to make unhealthy decisions later in the day as well.

To add onto this many people will have fruit juices and/or coffee spiked with more sugar. Coffee places like Starbucks that specialize in liquid bliss that is saturated in sugar are a key source of this.

Healthy Options

While having a more substantial breakfast might add a few minutes onto your morning, it keeps you better fueled throughout the day.

I always have fruit in the morning and usually have it with either plain greek yogurt, eggs or whole gain bread with almond butter.

Typical breakfast: Greek yogurt, berries, granola and honey.

Greek yogurt, berries, granola and honey.

If chewing seems like a lot of effort at such an ungodly hour of too early to function, blending is a great way to go. Just throw some fruit, greek yogurt and juice in a blender and it will be ready before your coffee is.

 If you don’t eat much in the morning, make sure you have healthy snacks with you such as fruit and nuts. Otherwise you may find yourself making less than ideal choices when your appetite starts to register.

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One thought on “Healthy People Don’t Eat Cake For Breakfast

  1. So true! It’s such a custom in this day and age to grab a muffin or a bagel or a croissant or stuff our faces full of never-ending pancakes. Those things are not any better than a donut! I usually stick to eggs for breakfast, but there was a time that one of those Otis Spunkmeyer muffins was a daily breakfast. Did you know that one of those muffins is actually 2 servings and has 440 calories total!?!?! It’s no wonder why I’m so overweight!

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