Why Dark Leafy Greens are Awesome


Dark leafy greens are among the most nutrient rich foods on the planet. Relative to the amount of calories they contain, they contain a very high number of micronutrients. Some of the most notable nutrients are iron, calcium, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K1. Dark leafy greens are sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. In addition, dark leafy greens are rich in many phytochemicals with benefits and functions not even known yet.

Leafy greens can easily be snuck into different recipes. They make great bases in salads, can be combined with nearly any cooked food or blended into a smoothie. They also don’t take much effort to prepare/eat. They can cook quickly, blend easily and don’t require tedious amounts of chopping.

Swiss Chard Nutritional Information

Swiss Chard Nutrition Info

Swiss Chard Micronutrients

Swiss Chard Amino Acids

Spinach Nutritional Information

Spinach Nutrition Info

Spinach Nutrients

Spinach Amino Acids

Kale Nutritional Information

Kale Nutritional Information

Kale Nutrients

Kale Amino Acid

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