Strategies to Make Healthy Choices During the Holidays


With all the sweets and rich foods around the holidays, it is easy to undo an entire years worth of good choices in the span of a couple of weeks. The social pressure from parties and tradition also add onto how easy it is to backslide.

1. Bring healthy foods to holiday parties.

This guarantees that you will at least have some healthy options to eat.

2. Keep the junk and rich foods for the holiday itself.

Indulging on Christmas won’t hurt. Indulging for the entire month of December and early January will.

3. Try to make the same foods in less processed, lighter forms.

This could mean reducing refined sugars, using less processed oils or using whole grains rather than refined. E.g. For stuffing you can use more veggies, less added fats and whole wheat rather than white bread. You can also make fruit based desserts instead of desserts that revolve around added fats/added sugars.

4. Find time to exercise.

With scrambling to fit in various holiday activities, it can be easy to miss a few workouts. At the very least try to do a quick at-home workout with your own body weight or run for 20 minutes. Otherwise the holidays can be a starting point for a fitness rut.

5. Go light with the alcoholic beverages. 

Liquid calories are one of the easiest ways to add on a few pounds during the holidays. Limit yourself to 2 drinks. Eggnog is probably the worst offender at around 350 calories per cup.

6. You don’t have to have every treat available.

Just because it only comes once per year does not mean you have to cram every option available while it lasts.

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