I’m Going Vegan! (and Why)

I’ve been eating a predominantly plant-based diet for a while, but recently I decided to go vegan. My motivations are for the environment, my health and animal welfare. Although, since my diet was already over 90% plant-based, I don’t expect it to make a significant difference for my health.

Health: popeye There is enough evidence that beyond reasonable doubt, humans in our society can thrive on a well-planned vegan diet. A whole-foods plant-based diet has even been shown to be advantageous in preventing nearly all of our top killers.

That said, there are a few nutrients that require special attention. It is recommended that vegans supplement with vitamin B12 (which can only be produced by bacteria) since there are no reliable plant sources. In addition to supplementing with B12, I am also taking an algae-based EPA/DHA supplement and Vitamin D during the winter.


Animal agriculture is one of the top contributors to climate change.

Animal Welfare:

Animals are sentient beings that feel pain. I personally do not want to contribute to the suffering of sentient beings if I don’t have to to be healthy.

When it comes to non-vegan clothing/ cosmetics, etc., I plan on using them until they wear out.

Learn More:

Forks Over Knives (available on Netflix)


Earthlings (Warning: graphic)

Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death – Dr. Michael Greger

The China Study

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

American Dietetics Association – Vegetarian/ Vegan Diets



Livestock and Climate Change

Livestock’s Long Shadow

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