How to Eat a Healthy Plant-Based Diet on a Budget

complex carbs While most health conscious people would love to be eating an all-organic diet including an abundance of superfoods, the reality is that the price adds up quickly with those kinds of foods. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to eat a healthy plant-based diet.

1. Be selective when it comes to supplements. A good supplementation guide for vegans can be found here.

2. Eating organic isn’t necessary to be healthy. While organic may be the ideal for a lot of people, it isn’t necessary to be healthy. It is far more important to be eating whole foods, including an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

3. Load up on whole grains and beans. Whole grains and beans are among the cheapest foods in the grocery store, in addition to being among the healthiest.

4. If it has a long enough shelf life, buy in bulk. 

5. Sacrifice some convenience.

BONUS: Check out asian and other international markets. Not only do they have produce that is difficult to find elsewhere, some foods like tofu are less than half of what they cost at a regular grocery store.

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