I found the Red Bikini in the summer of 2010. At the time I had just finished my freshman year of college and had inflated to 210 lbs. I bought it in belief that I would wear it someday. Throughout my fitness journey I have used it to remind myself of the person I want to be.

The Red Bikini Project is my constant striving towards being the best version of myself through health and fitness. The Red Bikini is a symbol of what I aspire towards, who I want to be. It represents confidence, strength and not being afraid to stand out.

Read more about my weight loss here.



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  1. Amazing! Really enjoyed reading about your journey… Very much like mine…started Feb 2014 and I am down about 17#…seems slow but I guess slow is good… I have crossed over to a mostly plant based diet although I still eat chicken and fish occasionally…it’s not easy but will be worth it in the long run… It’s a marathon and not a sprint! Thank you for sharing… My goal too is to get to 150lbs…I am 188

  2. Congratulations! A great accomplishment. We all have personal battles that we secretly deal with, and it is very empowering to improve one’s self. You look great and I am sure that you are so proud of that great accomplishment.

    I am not a gym nut nor do I subscribe to any kind of diet, except maybe the rock star diet, but moderation is the key. If you just keep up with how many calories that you eat and monitor yourself on the scales daily, you will soon be able to see how many calories you burn on a given day, and you can adjust your caloric intake inline with the amount that you burn. Also important to remember that calories ingested can be processed to fat in 4 hours. So if you go over a little bit, find some stuff you can do to offset those large meals.

    Once you see the results of your success it is easy to stay motivated. I go in and out of shape, but never go longer than 6 weeks without working out for a couple of weeks hard circuit training to keep what I feel is a reasonable self image.

    If you hold yourself to too high a standard it burns you out, but if you are vigilant and never let your self get too far way from your ideal image, it’s easy.

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