Fit Tip: Ignore the Front of a Product

A simple habit to prevent being fooled by product labels is to skip right to the back. The front of food products is all marketing bullshit. The truth is on the back. Look at the ingredients, the nutrition facts and take official certifications into consideration (e.g. Fair Trade, 100% Organic, Certified Humane, etc.). The rest is basically irrelevant when it comes to understanding a product and is only a means of deception to make it more appealing to the consumer. Even official certifications, ingredients lists and nutrition facts have their own forms of deceit in them when loopholes and mental associations get abused.

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Fit Tip: Health is all about Balance

Our body is constantly working to maintain balance in an interconnected process known as homeostasis. Rather than thinking of your health behaviors in terms of “good” and “bad”, think of it in terms of “balance” and “imbalance”.